Saturday, July 16, 2011

La Fine

Well, we are now home in San Francisco. We spent our last night in Rome visiting (for the first time!) Circus Maximus (Ehhh, ... it's a semi-impressive semi-ovalish dirt mound in which the Romans used to race their chariots -- think Ben Hur), strolling through the beautiful Jewish ghetto one last time, accidentally running into the outdoor set of an in-production Woody Allen film (see picture below ... yes, Woody Allen, despite any skepticism, is in the picture!), and meeting up with our pals Matthew and Thaïs for one last night of insanity out on the streets of the Eternal City. The four of us (Matt, Thaïs, Steph, and I) went out to dinner at a charming trattoria, had gelato at (literally) the best gelateria in the world (Giolitti, Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, Rome, Italy), and hung out near the steps of both the Pantheon and the Roman Forum drinking an €8 bottle of chianti. It was pretty amazing. After getting a somewhat early start to our day (3:30am), the four of us camped outside of Rome's Stazione Termini (the city's central train station) in order to catch the first trains out to both to Milan (Matt and Thaïs) and Fiumicino Airport (Steph and I). We were successful in snatching up our respective tickets and off we went at 6:00am in pairs and in opposite directions.

Now, a few words about our travels home. Steph and I rode the commuter train from Stazione Termini to Fiumicino Airport (1 hour), caught our flight from Rome to Chicago (9 hours -- with no in-flight films or any entertainment whatsoever -- "waaah" screams the over-privileged bourgeois boy), caught our connection from Chicago to Cincinnati (1 hour, ... or so), caught our last flight from Cincinnati to San Francisco (4 hours), rode the bus from SFO to 5th and Mission, and (finally) walked through Union Square and up Nob Hill to our impossibly small, but absolutely lovely studio apartment (1:30am). Ahhhh. Home.

We hope that all of you enjoyed following our travels. We had a great time (sans the various cellphone malfunctions) keeping all of you updated.

Well, that's all from us.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Capri, Italia

Today we toured the island of Capri. We circumvented the island on a relaxing two hour boat cruise, visited the blue grotto, and climbed the island's winding streets to its historic center. We had our last dinner in Napoli at Pizzaria Sorbillo. Era buono.

Domani: Rome. Dopo domani: home.



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pompei & Sorrento, Italia

Today we visited Pompei -- the ancient Roman city that was partially destroyed in a first century volcanic eruption -- and the beautiful coastal city of Sorrento.

Pompei was much bigger and much more impressive than what either of us had in mind. The highlight of our visit there was viewing the plaster moulds of the victims of the first century disaster. Many of them -- including one dog -- are posed in various positions suggestive of incredible and overwhelming pain. It was a moving sight.

After Pompei we headed towards Sorrento. The trains connecting Napoli, Pompei, and Sorrento are frequent, quick, and cheap, so getting around is no problem. Sorrento is known for its limoncello; a lemon flavored liquor that is just about the best tasting drink currently in existence. We hiked and treked around the city, sat by the bay for some limoncello, and ate dinner (Gnocchi alla Sorrentina). We also bought a fatty bottle of limoncello to bring back with us, so party on our roof this summer!!!

Domani: Capri.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Napoli, Italia

Today we walked around the oldest sections of Napoli, paying a visit to the exquisite Veiled Christ and numerous street food vendors. We also had the pleasure of watching a man take a shower with a bottle of water in his underwear on his balcony. We avoided falling water for the rest of the day. Tomorrow: Pompei and Sorrento. Call an ambulance; Brian is gettin' drunk!!!



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trieste, Italia

Today was -- and still is -- a day of relaxation and little-to-no agenda. We visited a medieval church up on the hillside and walked along the city's massive concrete pier. But, other than those things, we really didn't do much of anything. We had lunch, beers, gelato, and just strolled around. It was really nice. We are resting for a little while right now. And after we get around to doing some laundry we will head out for our last night on the town. Tomorrow: an eight hour train to Napoli! ... That leaves at 7:00am. In boca al lupo a noi!



Friday, July 8, 2011

Trieste, Italia

Trieste is beyond beautiful! We spent the day walking along the city's expansive coastline, visiting an Austro-Hungarian-era castle, various watering holes, and the occasional topless beach. We are spending the evening exploring the city center (in centro), eating, and visiting various cafes (James Joyce and F.T. Marinetti both lived and worked here during the early twentieth century).

Tomorrow: MAYBE (forse) Croatia?!


(We are here!)

Trieste, Italia (Primo Giorno)

Today is our first of two days in Trieste, Italia. We are on our hotel's complimentary computer right now checking out the various sites/sights and attractions, researching the various bus lines to Slovenia and Croatia (which may happen!), and ... updating our blog. Stephanie has mosquito bites on her left eyelid ... and she just drank some orange juice from a self-serve machine that tasted like it had some sort of a cleaning product in it! ... And Brian has an enormous and somewhat infected pimple on his mouth area. Yes!!! To the road we go ...